Thursday, 1 March 2007

Gashapon machines found

This is the machine that I will be using for the show, available from a UK supplier fitted for pound coins. I'm working with a London based company Tokyotoys who will supply me with empty gashapon balls that I can fill with my own designs. They're also willing to buy the machine from me after the degree show, making it a worthwhile investment. The next technical hurdle is finding manufactures willing to produce very small runs for the contents. I'm doing some research in China, and enlisting various family members to help.

Received some valuable feedback from Andy Stevens today, regarding the 2D design elements. Because the machine and gashapon balls sufficiently project the impression of 'japanese', it would be interesting to play around with the advert design so they subvert what you expect to see. He also suggested that if I had real difficulties finding a manufacturer for the toys I could consider getting ready-made items that could be effectively altered in some way.

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