Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sold Out

4 weeks of work have flown out in 24 hours! Very happy that people have enjoyed the machine, though the thought of making another 200 refills makes me want to run away screaming. The interaction of the crowd with the machine forms the final element of this project, and it was a pleasant success. Some highlights:

- People were swapping the balls with each other...even between strangers! Some went looking for other visitors with gashapon to ask for a trade.

- The Political Icons set sold out the fastest (by far) because everyone wanted Bin Laden. Someone did get him, though I don't know who!

- Despite conspiracy theories, I did not rig the machine to give everyone Dick Cheneys...that was just very unfortunate coincidence.

- At many times during the evening there was a queue of people waiting to use the machine. Received lovely feedback from parents, japanese visitors and a few strangers on the street (who must've recognised me from the dress).

- Matt left his coveted Britney Ball unattended for one second and it got stolen! Sadly all the others had been sold so I couldn't get him a replacement.

- There were a few slight problems with coins getting stuck in the mechanism. If anyone had a pound swallowed then I'd be more than happy to give a refund.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

It Is Done!

After three sweltering days of work, everything is up and ready in the triangle space. (A big thanks to DB, Matt, David R, Sean, Hung and Hideki for the manual labour!)

Monday, 4 June 2007

Things to print, things to paint, things to pimp

It's been a very sleep-deprived week! Portfolio prep has taken ages, and that's only a small portion of the work I still have to do. Been in contact with the photographer who took that image above and he's given permission for me to use it. A lovely contact at Letraset has agreed to do the 2m poster for free which should be printed and sent to me by the end of the week. There's the endless ongoing task of painting little magnets and filling the gashapons, but I hope to finish that within 3-4 days. RedSignal has written a press release about me (very surreal) and been in contact with various magazines. Some have expressed interest to attend the degree show/VIP breakfast.