Friday, 27 April 2007


Thought it might be interesting to document the earlier stages of work instead of only posting up finished pieces. I always sketch and ink by hand, then scan and colour on the computer. These are the current drawings lying around on my desk...some tin designs and more gashapon characters (London Stereotypes).


gdcom student said...

Lovely drawings!!
I like the london stereotypes. Especially the last one.

gdcom student said...

These are great Jo! I always seem to love the sketch stage more than the final pieces. I'm so glad that you have put these in, as they are a fascinating insight to how you work and add another dimension to the overall piece.

Melissa x

Anonymous said...

I definetly agree with Melissa, I love the pencil and ink drawings just as much as the finished pieces. Ive said before how much I adore the celeb couples and that u should do Jessica simpson and stuff. Stereotypes are cool too, though, just as the cute chubby characters that are ur absolute passion as I can see!!! well done.. xx

gdcom student said...

Excellent...great stuff.
I really endorse the effort you are making in illustrating and detailing every stage of your design, planning and production on the blog. It will a terrific document to present for internal assessment and to the external examiner. I would also encourage you and other students to consider taking extarct from it and 'storyboarding' it for your portfoilio/book.
Look forward to you presenting to the group, plan meetings early next week...await schedule.