Friday, 27 April 2007


The dolls will be packaged in metal tins like these. (Image shows the Valentine version that was sold in Paperchase earlier this year). I'm currently coming up with ideas for 6 different tins. I've been given quite a lot of freedom with this and won't need to stick with the existing layout. The client has commissioned the same illustrator to do some drawings of my dolls. I'll be doing some illustrations as well and we'll see which ones work best on the tin.


gdcom student said...

Does that mean that you have to compete with the actual designer?
So far I like your style better... sorry for him!

gdcom student said...

The tins look very cool Jo. I thought they might be the plastic bubble things, which are great and all..but the tins have a fantastic aesthetic to it and value the contents as the art pieces that they are.

Melissa x

koalapuff said...

Hehe, thanks!! I just found out today that they want to go with my illustrations *yay*

gdcom student said...

Congratulations jo (i tnew that...)