Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Why We Collect

As a functional machine, the contents of each gashapon need to entice visitors to spend a pound (or more) buying them. Anything too cheap, dull or badly made will defeat this purpose. Another issue is whether the items should appeal to existing 'universal' collections (stamps, coins etc) or invite people to start a set of completely absurd items (like plastic turds)? I found a philately (stamp) site which contains some very interesting points on the pleasures of collecting. The majority of these don't just apply to stamps, they are general hallmarks of what makes a successful collection. I'll be referring back to these as possible criteria for the gashapon content.

* They are aesthetically pleasing
* They are miniature works of art
* Desire to complete and arrange a set or collection
* National pride, we tend to collect stamps from our own country
* They have historical value, they show our Kings and Queens (or presidents)
* Intellectual stimulation
* Nostalgia, the good old days, memories of when I was young
* Hoarding and sorting instinct
* Sorting stamps to find a valuable one
* They might become valuable one day
* To avoid the wife
* Your Grandad gave you his collection
* I want to be the world expert on the 1d red
* To gloat over my collection
* You enjoy stamps - you have the stamp 'bug'
* You have an attention to detail
* To spend some time during a winter's evening
* You want to do philatelic research
* A financial investment


gdcom student said...

Really good work, this is an excellent project that is rooted in cultural diversity and notions of taste, consumer behaviour and desire. Only one slight criticism however...can you conciously edit your text; it is not always necessary to 'spell out' and list all your thoughts. Much better if you bullett point issues briefly and let your design work speak fot itself. It's a common problem amonst all design students to feel that they need to over intellectualise and hence justify their work. But once again, a delightful project!

koalapuff said...

Thank you very much! I've gone back and edited several posts, removing bits where I tended to repeat things. In preparation for the mid-way review, I'll make sure that the blog is absolutely streamlined for someone reading it from the top.

Had enough said...

Thought you might find this interesting,



koalapuff said...

Thanks Christine! Wow, that's really fascinating...can't believe he's sold stuff like drug baggies and broken glass.

Ravi Sohanpal said...

PLEASE hurry up and post your ideas of what you gona put in the gasgapon balls!!! Or are you gona' keep it a secret until the big day eh?...well done looking wicked!

koalapuff said...

Hehe, good timing Ravi!! You posted that on exactly the same day that I finished my first toy card (see new entry!)