Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Tin Progress

Been busy designing the tins so they can be sent to the factory as soon as possible. There might be a chance of getting a sample tin in time for the show. Each doll will have her own tin with a customised design reflecting her personality or style. The design process was an interesting challenge because I had to take colour limitations, print finishes, and the three dimensional product into consideration. Resorted to cutting and folding to see which designs actually worked as a tin. The tins will be kept deliberately varied so they become desirable items rather than just packaging (and tempting people to buy more than one!)


Ravi Sohanpal said...

POP MAGAZINE?!!!! We are not worthy *bows* !!!

Well done let us know how the pitch goes!

gdcom student said...

Hey Jo, all your stuff is looking great, its really nice to see you expressing your illustration style for your final major project.
And best of luck with the pop mag pitch, hope it goes well.

gdcom student said...

It's really nice to see your style on this project aht is not even for you... I love your drawings and dolls. If you need help to name them use the blog! I'd be really happy trying to help.
Well done you! And pop magazine!! wow!

ana said...

oh I do love it...!!!!!!