Monday, 7 May 2007

Full Steam Ahead

Finished all 4 toy cards, this is the same arrangement that they be displayed inside the machine. The longish format conforms to shape of the vending units, which curves abruptly inwards so you only really see the square portion at the top. Went to Forbidden Planet (comic shop) on the weekend and took pictures of their gashapon machine to see what sort of info is written near the bottom, then altered it slightly to make it relevant to the project. Multitasking with the Momiji stuff...done 5/6 tins and preparing to arrange a photoshoot when the second set of samples arrive from the factory.


Joanne K said...

You should do a whole anime portrait of the class for the journal!

gdcom student said...

Hey Jo, your drawings are looking really good, the london stereotypes set is my new favorite, its funny because you got the looks spot on.

Anna said...

t6hese look great joanna! x