Friday, 11 May 2007

Hello PR

I've been in contact with RedSignalPR and they're interested in marketing me as an 'up and coming' designer :D. RedSignal have handled campaigns for Sanrio (Hello Kitty) and are also in charge of the Momiji Dolls. I've sent them a broader spectrum of my work (everything from manga to RSA) and I'm really looking forward to an interview on Monday. They're very interested in promoting the degree show as well so I've given them all the details I could find.


gdcom student said...

WELL DONE JO! that's amazing, just like Paul's Boutique for MAry, can't think of a company more suited to you than Hello Kitty! Brill!

Melissa x

Sam Harris said...

wow! exciting news! I got in touch with a couple of the people that you mentioned. Thanks for the help!


gdcom student said...

Hey Jo, thats amazing news for you, good luck at the interview, im sure you will impress them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna! This is excellent! Today is monday, so how did it go? It all sounds very exciting and promising, they'l miss out on an amazing opportunity if don't take you on! I'm so proud of you, you deserve it!!!

gdcom student said...

For Hello Kitty!! Nothing would be better for you, would it? Well done! Congratulations and good luck!!