Thursday, 24 May 2007

Photoshoot Results

Some pictures from the photoshoot today. The square ones are possible proposals for the pod.


gdcom student said...

These look sooooo professional Joanna, I take it he shoot went smoothly. The 4th one down will make a really cool pod image I think.

gdcom student said...

You are a great photographer!!
i love 4th and 6th especially the blur effect on the 6th... it's like you give them "live", like they are "real"

koalapuff said...

Thanks ladies ^_^!! I've sent the fourth one to David...fingers crossed that it can be used for the pod. I'm using the 6th one for a small advertisement card that will be inside each capsule.

ana said...

well, can I live in any of those worlds?

gdcom student said...

Great images for this pint I would go with fourth one down...will schoolgirl in foreground.
Great exhibition displey ideas too. Well done!