Thursday, 10 May 2007

Tins done

This is the first version of the tins...they've been sent to the factory in HongKong and we're hoping to get a few samples before the show. The grey colour represents unprinted areas of the can, forming a contrast between matte paint and silvery metal.


gdcom student said...

I love your visuals! For the tins and for the gashapon underneath. I see you've been working with no rest...
Well done you!!

gdcom student said...

ace joanna such delicate and beautiful designs. your doing what you loveand thats great.


Sam Harris said...

Hey, i'm on the 2nd year doing GDC and i spoke to anna r and she gave me the link to this blog. I am doing my final major project right now, and i am making a toy/collectible. Your work looks great and i'm envious of your gashapon machine! but i was wondering if you could give me any info about geting a protoype made or anything. i have been in touch with the RCA prototyping dept. so i will visit them. but i am only making a single figure, sort of urban vinyl style i guess. but any help you could give, if you have time, would be great!


koalapuff said...

Thanks everyone!! Sam, I've left you a comment in your blog (descom is truly a course of the 21st century...very cool).

olimortimer said...

Love the tin designs!

We stock quite a few Momiji Dolls and accessories on our shop, That Little Shop -

Hope to see your designs available soon!