Monday, 5 March 2007

Machine Ordered

Just been on the phone with Vending World and I've ordered a second-hand Bandai machine. It'll have 4 compartments for gashapon plus a domed display top. After explaining my project, the man in charge was very nice and offered everything for £200! I won't be paying VAT since I'm not planning to make any commercial profit from this. The machine will be delivered to my flat next week, so I can rest easy throughout the holidays!


gdcom student said...

Hey Joanna, you've really got the project moving, thats great. I think it will work well, because not only it will look great, the little collectibles (that u should definetly encourage people to buy from the machine at the show) they could perhaps contain stickers that people can stick on a special piece/wall to create something new...?

koalapuff said...

Thanks for the comment (mystery person :P)! I have a feeling it will be difficult to manufacture collectibles out of plastic on such a small scale so I'm looking into graphic or fabric alternatives. Stickers are definitely an option...though I'm worried it might overlap with the ChavLove sticker book from last year. Getting visitors to interact is a great idea since it encourages people to use the machine (which in turn reimburses part of my project costs!)

chelseagdcstudent said...

if they need to be assembled, you could have a display area, for people to display their handywork!